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Transportes urgentes de mercadorias diáriamente para todo país e espanha. Transporte de peças automóveis. Viseu, Coimbra, Porto, Guarda, Braga, Vila Real, Bragança, Lisboa, Portalegre, Setúbal, Santarém, Faro, Beja, Portalegre, Évora, Leiria, Viana do Castelo, Castelo Branco.

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HCF - Helder Coelho Ferreira

HCF - Helder Coelho Ferreira Unipessoal Lda

Transporte mercadorias em Viseu, Braga, Brança, Viana do Castelo, Porto, Vila Real

HCF Viseu

HCF Portugal

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GLS entregas viseu, guarda, lisboa, aveiro, guarda,

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Serviços semelhantes a nacex - Gls transportes

About Us

We are dedicated to the provision of road transport services goods, transport of biological material, hazardous materials, and Live Animals and Pets by air.

Intercourier ensures fast, regular and reliable distribution to its extensive customer portfolio embracing several business segments, such as:

  • Pets
  • Audiovisual
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Computers and Office equipment
  • Wide Distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals and Health
  • Beauty, Cosmetic and Wellness
  • Gifts, Advertising and Graphic Arts
  • Editorial
  • Textile and Shoe
  • Automotive

Our Mission

Our mission is to build transport solutions tailored to the needs of the market and the customer. Providing customers and partners a wide range of distribution services, as well as the development of highly specialized service formats, but different from those made by current operations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders as a solution in the national and international market in the level of urgent transports, as well as to be distinguished by the provision excellence service.


In the wake of our expansion process, a paradigm shift in the definition of the internal policy of recruitment and management of people has become essential. Based on principles of equity, objectivity and continuous improvement, we intend to promote the reconciliation of interests between employees and the company. We base ourselves on the following values:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Service Excelence
  • Commitment
  • Equity
  • Valuing and respecting people
  • Sustainability

Security and Technology

Our warehouses have a CCTV system for the safety of people and goods, as well as 24-hour operation under 24 hours. The premises are also equipped with a fire detection system and intrusion. It is also our policy to practice safe and responsible driving to this activity.

Intercourier presents technological and operational arguments at the level of the best that exists in the transport market.

Custom Solutions

Transport services created to fit costumer needs, regardless of its complexity or tight timing. Customized track and tracing all throughout the service up to its conclusion. Occasional Customer service than can either be paied for before the service is actually done or upon collection of the merchandise, in cash, by ATM ou bank wire transfer. In this last case respective proof of payment has to be received in advance.